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  1. Sep 17,  · A middle ear infection, also called otitis media, occurs when a virus or bacteria cause the area behind the eardrum to become inflamed. The condition .
  2. inflammation of the ear. adj., adj otit´ic. aviation otitis a symptom complex due to difference between atmospheric pressure of the environment and air pressure in the middle ear; called also barotitis media. otitis exter´na inflammation of the external ear, usually caused by a bacteria or fungus.
  3. Otitis, Inflammation of the ear. Otitis externa is dermatitis, usually bacterial, of the auditory canal and sometimes the external ear. It can cause a foul discharge, pain, fever, and sporadic deafness. Otitis media is due to allergy or viral or bacterial infection of the middle ear.
  4. Otitis is a general term for inflammation or infection of the ear, in both humans and other animals. It is subdivided into the following: Otitis externa, external otitis, or "swimmer's ear", involves the outer ear and ear canal. In external otitis, the ear hurts when touched or dermebicomehwhist.bilviequigengsenjuchererangastparming.colty: ENT surgery.
  5. An ear infection, or otitis media, is the most common cause of earaches. Although this condition is a frequent cause of infant distress and is often associated with children, it can also affect.
  6. Swimmer's ear, which has the medical name of otitis externa, is an infection in your ear canal. That's the tube that runs from the hole on the outside of your ear to your eardrum. Swimmer's ear is.
  7. Feb 13,  · Otitis externa is a condition that causes inflammation (redness and swelling) of the external ear canal, which is the tube between the outer ear and eardrum. Otitis externa is often referred to as "swimmer's ear" because repeated exposure to water can make the ear canal more vulnerable to inflammation. Symptoms of otitis externa include.
  8. Qué es. La otitis es una inflamación del oído causada, generalmente, por una infecció tipo más común de esta afección es la denominada otitis media, que está provocada por la inflamación del oído medio, que se encuentra en la parte posterior del tímpano.. La otitis media es la enfermedad más común en la infancia-sobre todo en menores de 3 años- después de las infecciones.

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